It is no exaggeration to say that the facilities and infrastructure created for the Coaching Centre are unequalled anywhere in the

country.  Exacting standards are applied in selection not only of the aspiring students but also of the revolving faculty.  The

success achieved by the Coaching Centre within the short span of its existence bears testimony to the quality of coaching

imparted and the facilities and environment provided.  Although the results so far have been gratifying, they do not reveal the

entire picture.  Even those candidates who could not finally make the grade in different examination have benefitted by the

training given at the Coaching Centre.  Some of them learn to express themselves with clarity, confidence and methodcity on

paper and by word of mouth.  The results have caused a stir  among the minority communities.  The establishment of the centre

its achievements have been hailed by the largest and most backward minority as a shot in the arm.  It indicates an improvement

over the past and an urge to come forward and compete with confidence.  Moved by the results, a number of socially conscious

persons/organizations have offered to sponsor candidates.  The Hamdard Education Society welcomes such offers.


The Coaching Centre has excellent library having large number of books relevant to the competitions. It subscribes to a large

number of newspapers and periodicals. It has built up good stock of study material, solved and unsolved question papers of

previous years and a large question bank.

The Library has Video / Audio cassettes of lectures on different topics. It has computers with internet connection for the

students who can access it to retrieve latest information and developments in the field of their choice.

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