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Our faculty consists of brilliant academic scholars and lecturers graduated from the country’s best institutions. The facultyhas been drawn to the noble field of teaching with the ideal of imparting education of the highest standards and mounding future professionals, known to produce top rankers consistently, in the exam after exam. The faculty is a guiding force as well as a otivating factor in making the student winner now and ever. The learned and experienced faculty follows a scientific and systematic approach to teaching which ensures success. The hard work and perseverance of students is combined with intelligent suggestions and advice by the faculty at every stage.

Teaching Methodology

Lead is a unique philosophy propounded by Hamdard, which ensure success through our systematic guidance process. Thereafter, basic concepts and fundamentals are strengthened to build a solid foundation for the future. The approachable lecturers are available during study hours for doubts clarification. The subject material is simplified and result – oriented. Constant follow up by lectures with regard to the lessons and assignment lead to improved performances.

Daily lecture sessions and periodic tests, topic test help in constant appraisals of performance and facilitate improvement. State of art evaluation procedures help in monitoring and improving performance. Each of these measures, in combination with all the others, gives students immeasurable confidence and ensures success in competitive exams and even in later life.