The galaxy of institutions with which the name of Hamdard came to be associated owe their origin to the vision of a far-sighted seer and a multi-faceted genius, a physician and a thinker, Hakeem Abdul Hameed.  He was endowed with worldly wisdom and pragmatic capability and a strong desire to bring about, by dint of persistent hard work, remarkable improvement in the condition of his community and in its wake his country as well.  As luck would have it he was given a long and fruitful innings of nine decades plus.  He had the concern, zest and life span to dream dreams and to convert them into breath-taking achievement.  Here was a man who had his task cut out for him. For about four decades he toiled ceaselessly to sharpen his tools, collect insights, hone his perceptions and enhance his productive capacity.  His tremendous potential was unleashed when his country threw off the yoke of the British dominance. The emancipation, however, was not an unmixed bliss.

It coincided with partition which brought about carnage and migration of population on an unprecedented scale on either side of the dividing border.  Hakeem Saheb witnessed stoically the devastation that occurred in the wake of the cataclysmic event.  Not for a moment did he think of joining the mass exodus.  The man of vision had a will of steel.  He faced the intermittent carnage with fortitude and decided to overcome all hurdles and embark on reconstruction.

He brought about this reconstruction in two ways: first, by attempting to heal wounds and removing scars and exhorting his own community to mend its fences with the majority community.  By word and deed he propagated communal harmony.  In his musings he went beyond the message of reconciliation between the two hostile groups.  He advocated unity of mankind and suggested evolution of mechanisms for cooperation between different countries.
It didn’t take our perceptive observer long to realize that it is in the interest of our nation which has an immense diversity of races, languages, castes and creeds, that all sections of society actively participate in the management of the country and in the exciting adventure of development.  Although the country has witnessed about six decades of planned development, the goal of growth with justice has not yet been achieved.  Strides have certainly been made in the sphere of growth, but justice has been left behind with the result that disparities between haves and have-nots have increased.  Communities and groups, who failed to secure proper representation in Government jobs, feel frustrated and discriminated against.  This induces a tendency among the weaker sections to withdraw from the mainstream of national progress.  The worst hit  seem to be Muslims who have slided back educationally and economically. In addition to the impact of prejudices, operating against them in some quarters, their capability to compete with their educationally advanced countrymen has been declining.  The schemes for reform and reconstruction initiated by Hakeem Saheb has been followed and added to by his elder son and Chief Mutawalli Mr. Abdul Mueed who is the Chairman both of Hamdard National Foundation and Hamdard Education Society. 

The problems facing the backward minorities and weaker sections are manifold. One of these is loss of morale and direction resulting from a ridiculously low share in the management and governance of their country, and lack of leadership.

The deficiencies cited above could be reduced to some extent if these groups and communities could get a reasonable share in governance and development of their country.  Coaching and guidance for competitive examinations can certainly improve prospects of their success.  Short of reservations, for which there is in fact a strong case, intensive coaching can bring about reasonable representation of minorities in Government jobs.  Although the Muslim Community suffers from several initial handicaps such as low literacy, economic backwardness and a growing sense of insecurity; a well-designed and properly executed programme of coaching can effectively raise their competitive capability and, as a result, their representation in government jobs.




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